Production Line

* This week’s workshop piece from Uni. Written in 7 minutes, no editing.

She smiles benignly as she attaches the band around my wrist. It’s almost robotic, ther’s no real significance in it for her. I take back my arm and study its new addition. I am labelled, named and identified. “Yes, that’s me I sigh” my name is bold letters, followed by a number and a barcode.

Shuffled off, bags in tow we are herded like pre-schoolers on excursion; to be weighed, measured and re-dressed for ‘the procedure’. A new one grabs at my wrist; she is blonde and has blue eyes but her lanyard swings too wildly for me to read her name. She simply quotes the number on my band, checking it against a sticker on a file. “That’s you” she smiles, I feel like asking; “yes, but what’s my name?”.

To them it seems this is just another day, and I’m just another number on a list. A box to be ticked, then moved on through to the next stage in the production line. Inside I am screaming “STOP! Don’t you realise what today is? It’s his birthday!”. Soon, very soon this swollen, distended belly will be violated only to reveal the sweet and ripened fruit within.

This is not something mechanical, This is not surgical; this is flesh and blood and love and fear. I am a name, not a number, I am a life within a life. We are a family about to be. Take a second. Wait. See. Meet. Me.


The Morning Dance.

* I know I’m cheating but here is another piece from my uni workshop.

Side by side they stand in companionable silence, the smell of fresh sawdust hangs in the air. Busily their hands dance over the serpentine length of the freshly pressed sausage.

Outside is pre-dawn stillness; that breath the world takes before launching into it’s vital morning song, all the more beautiful in our quaint country street. This shop represents not just an occupation but a livelihood, a partnership and a family. The carcasses hanging stiff upon the steel hooks mean life and a future for my sister and I, tucked warm and safe up in our beds.

My dad cheekily bumps my mum with his hip. She responds in kind with a playful “oi”, never once breaking stride as she continues to link the days sausages. Loop and twist, loop and twist the dance goes on; though their fingers have turned a petrified purple. Loop and twist, loop and twist in mundane elegance; though their knuckles ache with the cold. Loop and twist, loop and twist; side by side they dance in our little shop on Station Street.

* This is based on a memory I have of my parents when I was a child. It was lovely to revisit it with the eyes of an adult, coloured by the wistfulness of nostalgia. Ah life as the butchers daughter! Now all of these years later I am proud to say that Mum and Dad are still dancing side by side through life. Just not with the sausages…

Busy Bee

Well, I wasn’t a weeping puddle of tears over Target. Nor did I win; I really don’t think I could have won given that I hadn’t entered week two of the competition. This had to do with my inability to correctly type my email address, and not realising I could have just entered as a guest member. Oh well never mind, as I said before, to be short listed was really a win in itself! Mind you, the worst part was I had already spent that first $100 voucher about 15 times over in my head. I guess I will have to tell Jarrod to suffer in his jocks a little longer. I mean that literally; the kid seriously needs new jocks!

As to the other things happening in my oh so exciting life (insert cricket chirp here) Sam is absolutely gorgeous! He isn’t 100% the poor bub, but that just makes him cuter! He has a croaky throat at the moment and he tries to cry but it comes out more like a squeek. I think I should appear more maternal and concerned, but the fact is that the poor little muppet just needs lots of cuddles, a little bit of panadol and as many smiles as he can get. I will be a happier mummy when this bout of teething is over for all of our sakes. On top of his croaky throat, sore gums,and a less than serious mummy, Sam had his fist day at childcare this morning. I won’t write anymore about that here. Trust me it’s a blog in itself! I love my little munchkanoo sooo much it hurts.

Jarrod is still both a champion and a good looking rooster, and I shall continue to tell him so untill my opinion on the matter changes (never). He is presently interested in something called ‘Mighty Beans’ or as I call them collectable choking hazards! It never ceases to amaze me the plastic landfill the market to our kids as entertainment. Half the time Jarrod will passionately proclaim that his 8 year old life cannot be complete without the addition of some new brain numbing video game. Then should we relent and gift him with said game it is usually forgotten about within days. Sigh, if only he would realise that he is actually far far happier outside in the garden or on his ripstick than inside in front of what my father calls the ‘idiot box’!

It is nice to be back at Uni, childcare guilt and all. I may sing a different tune in wk 9 but for the moment it is nice to be reassured that there is still a brain left in there after this pregnancy. I just have to keep my bag under lock and key, apparently a love of all things stationery is hereditary and Jarrod has inherited the gene from me. The child has about 173 pencil cases around the house, and he is always on the lookout for new additions. He reminds me of a squirrel storing away nuts for the winter! Don’t even get me started on his Smiggle addiction. I guess I can’t really point the finger; we can only ever go to Smiggle after we have gone to Kikki.K for my fix!

So to another day with a wonderful family. Now go hug someone you love! (preferrably someone who is aware you love them and reciprocates some measure of like feelings toward you)


All Roads Lead To Target!!!

I just quickly wanted to tell you all some exciting news! I have been shortlisted along with 4 other awesome mummy bloggers to be the Target Ambassador for Kidspot !! I cannot tell you how exciting this is, not just because it would be such a cool thing to do but because it is the first time ever I have entered a competition and even been considered to win!!! The short list is a win in itself!!!

It still amazes me the way discovering something you are passionate about leasds you into a whole new world of adventures that you never would have dreamed of before. I will keep you updated as to whether I am jumping for joy or a weeping puddle of disappointed tears when the results are decided.

Now to other news, I have started back at uni this week and kicked it all off with a lecture for ‘Reading and Writing Place’ if you think the title of the lecture is confusing you should see some of the quotes we were reading, talk about mental contortions! I am going to be lucky if I can make it through the semester remembering where I left my car let alone figuring out if I am in a space, a place, a race or whatever!!!! I am also in the throws of figuring out what to do with the bubba on my one full day of study – I am crossing the childcare bridge and my heart hurts thinking about it.

The little one is teething and keeps spiking a temp, so it is mum-come-nurse I have become, administering bonjella, nurofen and panadol as instructed. The big one had swimming at school today and we forgot to pack his swimmers, so I was busted for not showering this morning as I had to make a special trip to his class to drop them off. Oh joy to panda eyes and a dicky fringe!

So thats just a quick update of my life the last couple of days….

Love Love xxoo