Day 6: A Letter to Someone Who Insists I Write a Letter Tonight

Dear You Big Fat Annoying Lump Next to Me,

Yes You! I can feel your smug smile from across the pillow. I hope you’re happy now, I am typing away here trying to get this done before the clock strikes 12. Well with any luck I’ll fail and will turn into a pumpkin and then who will wash your undies, make your lunch, smile at you when you make a lame joke?

In case you are wondering, I am deliberately hitting the keys on the keyboard really hard while you are trying to go to sleep, you deserve that much annoyance. I may even go and make some toast and eat it in bed, I know how much you love crumbs – and mouth noises for that matter.

For everyone out there who is reading this, don’t worry – it’s all good. The aforementioned Lump and I have a lot of  fun digging at each other. In a way I suppose he is doing me a favour, he isn’t letting me make excuses for myself. He prodded me just enough to get me to see what I was doing, laugh at myself and then set about changing things. I need him sometimes to remind me to just get things done. Do you have anyone in your life who knows how to do that for you?  Tell me about them.

When you know absolutely, completely and without any doubt that someone loves you, it changes the way you see a whole lot of things within the relationship. There are a lot of times that the Lump and I say things to one another, which, under different circumstances could cause offense. Yet because we’ve both decided to ground the way we hear each other in that absolute faith in the other’s love for us, it colours everything in a constructive light. Therefore when he came home tonight and made sure I knew he wasn’t buying into my whole ‘the internet is too slow for me to write my letter tonight’ excuse (I know it’s lame!). I understood that he was really saying ‘come on you can do better than this – I believe in you, I want to read what you write’.

So if you are out there in the big www, think about the peeps in your life who love you enough to be truthful, to want better for you, who challenge you. Hear them through ears bathed in love, not clouded by self doubt and insecurity. Someone who genuinely loves you will never say anything to you with the aim to hurt you or tear you down.

As for you Lump.

I still love you and it’s 11.59 so I am done for today!



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Juliet Fieldew (@julietfieldew)
    Nov 06, 2011 @ 07:45:28

    Can’t believe no-one’s commented on this one yet- it was a classic! 🙂


  2. Juliet Fieldew (@dreambeaker)
    Nov 09, 2011 @ 00:24:36



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