Day 5: A Letter to Someone Overseas

Dear Eileen, John & Becky,

I miss you guys! I miss the easy laughter and warmth of our friendship. It dawned on me that, before I went to Oxford I would have struggled to have anyone to write this post to. My world was much smaller before that trip – not anymore!

You guys were special, you became my little family while I was so far away from my own. Thank you for everything you did, whether you knew it or not, you made me stronger, better and braver than I was before.

Becky, you are such a special human bean. You have an innocence about you that I haven’t encountered for such a long time. The way that you view the world is truly unique, I think sometimes you wonder if there is something wrong with the way you see things, but don’t you ever change. God has given you a specific path to walk, it might not make any sense when you try to compare it with what others are doing, but that’s the whole point. His plan for you is unique, and I know that when you come the conclusion of this particular phase you are going to have one of those “Oh, now I get it!” moments. Keep loving, keep reaching out, keep believing.

You were my little songbird. You kept my world sweet with your joy and your laughter. You made memories for me that I will treasure forever, including the time you locked yourself in your room and needed me to rescue you at 2am. Don’t think for a second that just because I am at the other end of the globe now,  I wont be there whenever you need me. All you have to do is ask.

John, I don’t think I have ever laughed as much as I did when you would start to tell me stories. There were some days there where I didn’t think that laughter was possible, but somehow you just drew it out. I think that’s your gift, you reach people without them even realising it. You make them laugh and make them listen, engaging their full attention so effortlessly that politicians would be jealous! I think the world is blessed to have you as a teacher, I imagine your students already know all this though! As long as you don’t get any mean girls, because “Nobody does ‘mean girl’ as well as you!”.

There are so many things I associate with you now: Microwave popcorn, Pimms, Jamie Oliver, obscure allergies, L’occitaine and semicolons. The list could go on forever, suffice it to say that every one of these things inspires in me a feeling of joy, and nostalgia of which you are central. Hurry up and plan your trip Down Under already!

Eileen, I feel like I found another sister in you! You know that feeling? Like your day wasn’t quite complete until you had touched base with each other, I felt like that with you – only not quite as stalkerish as that sounded, nor as cheesy.  I hear you whenever anything surprising, or funny, or inappropriate happens, “Oh My Gaaaahhhd” goes off inside my head like some bizarre mental reflex. I end up smiling more about that than I do about whatever caused it’s triggering in the first place!

You taught me how to pronounce Butter ‘correctly’, and you would always take a moment to translate my use of the word ‘thongs’, yet despite this seemingly insurmountable language barrier you became one of my treasures and I will do my best to see that you stay shiny. This may include screening any of your future love interests for satisfactory manicure habits, you know how I feel about that!

 I don’t know about you but I notice a severe lack of quality food vans back here, this hasn’t made adjusting to being home any easier! However I have also noticed there are decidedly less scary homeless looking people with dogs, and I have not missed the creepy pink backpack girl.

I miss your face.

I wonder what kind of imprints I have left on you guys?

I feel like I am just waiting till I can see you again, like it’s only a matter of time, I really hope it wont be too long. Patience has never been one of my  strengths and I would prefer to practice it on something easier like armageddon, or world war 3.

Hurry Up! I Miss you….

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  1. Human Being
    Jul 08, 2015 @ 01:11:45

    “Becky, you are such a special human bean” <– human being. lol. Nice letter though.


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