All Roads Lead To Target!!!

I just quickly wanted to tell you all some exciting news! I have been shortlisted along with 4 other awesome mummy bloggers to be the Target Ambassador for Kidspot !! I cannot tell you how exciting this is, not just because it would be such a cool thing to do but because it is the first time ever I have entered a competition and even been considered to win!!! The short list is a win in itself!!!

It still amazes me the way discovering something you are passionate about leasds you into a whole new world of adventures that you never would have dreamed of before. I will keep you updated as to whether I am jumping for joy or a weeping puddle of disappointed tears when the results are decided.

Now to other news, I have started back at uni this week and kicked it all off with a lecture for ‘Reading and Writing Place’ if you think the title of the lecture is confusing you should see some of the quotes we were reading, talk about mental contortions! I am going to be lucky if I can make it through the semester remembering where I left my car let alone figuring out if I am in a space, a place, a race or whatever!!!! I am also in the throws of figuring out what to do with the bubba on my one full day of study – I am crossing the childcare bridge and my heart hurts thinking about it.

The little one is teething and keeps spiking a temp, so it is mum-come-nurse I have become, administering bonjella, nurofen and panadol as instructed. The big one had swimming at school today and we forgot to pack his swimmers, so I was busted for not showering this morning as I had to make a special trip to his class to drop them off. Oh joy to panda eyes and a dicky fringe!

So thats just a quick update of my life the last couple of days….

Love Love xxoo


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