To Stumble Upon a Treasure

Since this the inaugural blog for this site, for better or worse I feel it is only fitting to write about the one who has taken me by the hand and led; often dragged me to this point. Her name is Natalie and she is both a treasure and a treasure hunter.

It was during the fledgling stages of our friendship; one fateful evening after an amazing Thai meal at our place that she discovered I was a writer. From that point on she has encouraged, challenged, goaded and pushed me to use my skills for more than the occasional birthday card. She has given me opportunity to consult with her on some of her marketing projects, badgered me about jotting down every errant thought and encouraged me in my toddling steps into the world of professional writing. Allowing me to see a world of possibilities beyond my own insecurities and misconceptions .

What is truly astounding about Natalie, is her ability to instantly recognize the latent potential in a person. She then develops strategies on how to extract that potential and turn it into success. She cannot help herself. It is her calling, and God help her she’s answering that call!  She summed it up in one sentence when asked to describe the mission of her business; “I make people successful” she answered simply and with such a joyful conviction that one couldn’t help but to grin right along with her.

Occasionally we stumble upon people that profoundly change the direction of our lives. When it comes to my writing I have had the privilege of meeting two such people. Natalie is the second. She has been has been like a shot of nitrous oxide into the engine of my life. I have to admit that my eyes often glaze over at the speed with which the world now flies toward me but the rush that it brings is pure life!

Natalie exclaims quite often how glad she is to have found me; she chuckles sinisterly, rubbing her hands together explaining how happy she is to be able to utilise my skills.

But here is where I step back and say no.

Natalie, you are the treasure. You have a midas touch and you have bought this mousy little writer to life. For that and more I am so very grateful. So cheers to you Natalie; who is both miner and gold.

Oh, and if you are wondering who the other person was that had a huge impact upon me… Well, that’s a whole other story and I’ll have to tell you about it later.


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  1. Seri
    Aug 07, 2010 @ 01:37:37

    Amelia… I loved reading every line.. You really are an amazing writer and honestly i would happily buy any book you write. My favorite was Brothers, simply beautiful you should be so proud.

    Your words are like food for the soul……

    Luv Always


  2. Lisa
    Feb 09, 2011 @ 02:02:12



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